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My Perception Problem with the Police

I feel like I'm adding my voice to a cacophany, but as an adult who wants to contribute to this society that I feel more and more disconnected from, I need to organize my thoughts in a way that isn't just feeling afraid, or angry, or even just tired. This morning I rode my bicycle by an immigration protest on 2nd Avenue in downtown Seattle. It looked like ...

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Happy New Year, Ridiculous Activities

So apparently I needed something to do with my time today... 

In my new home studio / office setup in my apartment in Seattle, I have a couple of sets of speakers that have very different tonal qualities that I would like to be able to A/B switch between.  Doing a little research, it looks like the standard piece of studio gear to do this (the Coleman Line Selector) retails ...

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Why you might suddenly find me on linkedin

I don't want you to get the wrong idea.  You, whoever you are.  I am still troubled by the implications of social media, the data these companies keep on us, the way that we are complicit in compromising our own privacy.  I've written about the subject before, and if you know me, you've probably had to listen to me rant about it more than you would like ...

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Work in the Studio - "A Groundswell"

I spent last weekend in the recording studio.  It was my first time in someone else's studio in quite a long time, and my first time ever in someone else's studio working on my own material.  I've recorded several of my own records in the past (5? I think?) but each of these was recorded over a long period of time in my own studio.  Without the ...

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"picking through the rubble"

picking through the rubble in silence

these accidents were planned out pretty well

mumbling to myself in a new language

just to remember pieces of the old

pulling out wires and iron

and building magnets with switches 

just trying to find the direction 

we once knew as north

just pacing back and forth

i stumbled and took a breath

remembered when i was a kid

and knew that i only ...

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