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A Shining Moment of Blinding Hope...

never walk alone

Another short meditation and remembrance of my friend Paul. I found this in an old notebook I had from when he recorded the Toe Jam demo tapes... it has always brought me comfort and peace (punctuation and capitalization as I found it):

"Trying to think about what to paint colors are so hard to mix unsurrealistically but I have ideas the sun rising over the earth in bright flaming glory while the Earth melts into puddles in space dripping suspended in time as if to say mother nature will heal away the damage of man and adapt and survive to hell with meddling people and their trifling with the delicate balance of nature the universe heals itself and we are part of everything that is for nothing would be without something to know its there and vice-versa Holistic -- the interconnectedness of all things every action is a reaction to something so you fuck the town, turn the key, and follow your dreams to the end of the universe sleeping with your eyes awake realizations happen every moment as thoughts come to be everything is a realization. Time is space, which is the distance between two objects as time is the distance between two thoughts its all the same, you're just sitting in a cold room watching the rain fall on some Sunday in September drinking tea and playing with the cat and thinking about Long Lost Lovers and Friends and Dreams you never had and you have a vision a shining moment of blinding hope and realization that there is life inside everything and you are it and it is you and you are everything and everything is you and you both are symmetrical, chaotically so nature comes in patterns of unbelievable random beauty and the water is washing down the window and the firelight reflecting off of everything is warm and bright and you'll never walk alone again."

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